Tuesday, 22 April 2014

In the Wedding World Number 6: Tiny Tips, Fabulous Bridesmaids Dresses, Words about Love, STRIPED BALLOONS and how to make your own Floral Crown

It's a bit difficult to round up this week as I have so much wonderful wedding stuff I want to show you, but here are just a few things that have caught my eye:

Tiny Tips
Have a quick read of these 12 tiny and unexpected ways to minimise chaos on your wedding day. from Offbeat Bride. They are the simplest little tips, but will help you avoid little upsets on the day.

Fun and Fabulous Bridesmaids Dresses.
I'm a bit in love with these bridesmaids dresses from Belle and Bunty, especially the gorgeous sashes, that are available in alternative colours. You can purchase them here and see a full article about them at Love my Dress.

Love does not Happen, it is Forged.
This article on "The Lie and the Truth about Marriage" from Broke Ass Bride speaks the truth about putting the work into relationships, and is worth a little read. 

Super Striped Balloons
I may be going a bit balloon mad at the moment but just check out these balloons photographed by Chelsey Horsley! I can picture these alongside solid colour balloons. Perhaps the boys could have stripes and they girls could have colours for photos. I'm a bit crazy about them so I'm dreaming. You can purchase them here.

DIY Floral Crown
Finally, in light of the beautiful sun that we had all week and are hoping to return perhaps wearing flowers will welcome it back so here is how to make your own floral crown from HonestlyWTF. I'm still eagerly awaiting seeing one of my brides wearing these, I think they're wonderful!

Friday, 18 April 2014

An Intimate City Wedding in Sheffield Center - Lea and Ray

Lea and Ray had the loveliest intimate city wedding in my hometown of Sheffield with just 19 people there in total including the cutest little baby. Their ceremony took place at the gorgeous Sheffield Town Hall, right in the centre of the city and next to the Peace Gardens where we went right after. 

I met Lea and Ray at their hotel in the city where they were getting ready in rooms opposite each other. Lea and her friend Zoe were touching up their makeup and Ray was eager to take the short walk over to the Town Hall and get married straight away!

Aggie, a friend of the couples made this beautiful bouquet.

The first time they saw each other on the day.

Isn’t this little one the sweetest - look at her hair! I could happily of photographed her all day.

“Can we go and get married now?”

 I had a little bit of competition for my job from this little sweetie!

 I have to mention the lovely registrar, who was so relaxed about photos. So kind!

Making sure there’s no sweaty hands before holding them!

One of my favourite things about city weddings is how you are bound to come across well wishing strangers. These sweet school kids spotted Lea in the Winter Gardens and clapped!

Everyone headed to Ego Mediterranean Restaurant for their Celebration Lunch. I have to say the food was yummy! This restaurant sits right next to the Winter Gardens, with the huge glass wall looking over it, making a perfect spot.

Just before desert we headed out to take some portraits around the Winter Gardens, Millennium Gallery and Peace Gardens. This area of Sheffield is my favourite, it’s still relatively new to the city and it has a perfect mix of modern architecture, and natural elements.  

Here Lea, Ray and Ray’s mum did a little Chinese tea ceremony - except with water!

 Lea didn’t throw the bouquet, instead gave it straight to her friend!

The rain came down during the last part of the meal, but after the party had all left, the sun came right out again.

Lea and Ray, it was a pleasure to photograph your day and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!