Friday, 10 June 2011

Lady Gaga for V

Last night I saw a tweet from Lady Gaga (who I can’t stop listening to at the moment, even if that is only “born this way” on repeat) mentioning a illustration competition to draw her with teal hair for V deadline in a few hours. Thought I might as well have a go at this. When I did a quick Google search for the teal hair, I realised the style was nearly the same as the mirror I had made for my show - mad coincidence, so I tried to work with this to make a quick illustration. This is hand drawn so not my usual way of working. However, to say I did it so quickly, and well in time for the midnight deadline, I’m quite happy.

Here are the two entries I sent in. I wasn't sure if colour of black and white was better... The black and white was to highlight the teal hair.

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