Wednesday, 23 November 2011



One of my best friends, the amazing Nicola (above) who lives on my road travels all over and never seems to be at home but she's back for a few weeks so I've been trying to get in lots of time with her and lots of "adventures" as we call our long walks.

I've been taking my camera with me and when I got home, I've been experimenting a bit with colour in some of my pictures...

In other news I won the Fun Pet Photography competition (YAY!) and will be going on a placement with Tigerprint in December. Very excited!


  1. Oh YES you got the placement! :D So proud of you.I love the 'no tipping' photograph and the beautiful one of the leaves below that too. Absolute quality colour, your photographs are always so interesting, you look at the world in such a different way to everybody else- that's a great thing! x

  2. thank you :-) Excited but terrified about placement! thank youuu xox