Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fun Pet Photography

Hello strangers!!

Tigerprint have another competition I have been working on - fun pet photography - this is so perfect for me - although I'm not sure my pics are funny enough...

I have my favorite animal photo which I am sure to submit:

I also have these old favorites I am undecided about:

These were all taken in Spain on holiday, so apart from that I want to submit more photos from a holiday I had in Barcelona a month ago. This is only a tiny selection of what I have...


And here's something a little different...
Let me know what you guys think! Only 5 entries allowed... 

[Edit] A few more because they're too cute not to share!


  1. Oh wow you seem to attract the most photogenic poser dogs i've ever seen! Very model-esque.
    I suggest these 5:
    1- because its quirky,stands out and you love it.
    4- I just love the entire photograph! it's funny yet beautiful.
    6- This one is quite sad looking, The whole atmosphere is eerie but it's still a very well captured photo (but i dunno if you're wanting to have all different breeds in your collection or not)
    9- This looks like the dog has tired itself out playing with the rugged ball next to him/her and just flopped down for a sleep.I love the colours here too.
    11- I usually would be dead against saying use a poodle picture, for the simple reason that i find them freaky, BUT i like how it looks like its going "ROARRRR")

    Keep me informed on which ones you decide to choose!

    but i do quite like 3,8 and 15(cos i love ferrets, well ferret/otter type animals) too.

  2. Haha aww Nat can't you remember walkign around with me? I always have my dog eyes open! Just on holiday i always have the camera too!

    Deffo number one!

    Why do you find poodles freaky? This one was so funny. I saw it on two different days and both times it did this pose! I love the photo of the golden retriever. It's like Sandy, but whenever I go near her to take pics she wants to play!

    Thanks for the advice Nat :-) I might actually post a few more just to make things difficult haha