Sunday, 15 January 2012

What is love?

Happy belated new year readers!
In December I did my placement with Tigerprint which was amazing. I got to design cards for 2 weeks so it was basically a dream job.
Sadly I can't post any of the images online for confidentiality so fingers crossed they will be published and in spring 2013 I will be able to write all about them with pictures!

Now I'm back to normal... sadly jobless. Finally signed on which is a depressing thought. So I've entered another competition of Tigerprints - "What is Love?"

These were done very last minute and I'm not entirely sure about them. My own love wasn't impressed... boo.

This first one is just something cute and playful - I like the idea of the man in the moon.

This card is intended to be a photo-frame, either as a print product where the customer can slide a photo in - the details could even be lazercut or as an online, customisable purchase. I imagine it to be made with alternating gold and red foil.

To me love can be an overwhelming feeling and I wanted to get that across in a sweet but quirky way with the text being the main part of the card and the graphics used as a tool to emphasize the words so I experimented with layout of the words. I imagine the text to have  a bit of foil or flitter on it to make it more luxurious (with red on the “love” part).

Tomorrow is my driving theory test so I'm scared and currently procrastinating revision as I just can't concentrate - wish me luck!


  1. don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!

  2. Love these pics Becki! You're so talented :D:D:D
    One day you're going to design my album covers! ;)
    x x x