Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Red Rain

The other week my friend put me in touch with Tracy who owns a lovely store in Lincoln Central Market called Red Rain. She's started selling some of my prints, and greetings cards in her shop which is great

I've designed a leaflet to help promote the store:

 The back may change slightly as I'm waiting on a map to include on it...

You can check out the links on the leaflet to find out more about Red Rain but here's a few examples of whats on sale there.

Tracy makes these adorable and really unique creations out of beads. There's some really cute things!:

I love this rabbit!

My friend Stefunny, (who also happens to be my favourite illustrator) also has some stuff for sale. This includes lovely (and very useful) tote bags. I bought one for myself that has my own face on of all things!:

This is one of the other images that's on the bags:

So if anyone's in Lincoln, check it out :-)


  1. Aww i'd love to get one of SteFunnys cats illustration tote bags!! I've always loved that illustration, ever since I first saw it.. :)