Sunday, 29 December 2013

Photography bucket list

I'm so excited for the jobs I have lined up next year, some lovely couples and some amazing venues!

Instead of resolutions this year here is my photography bucket list: things (particularly wedding related) I would love to photograph in my career at some point. If you happen to be having a wedding incorporating any of these elements please get in touch... we need to talk!

  • My biggest wish is to photograph a dog in attendance. (I can't believe this hasn't happened yet!)
  • Wedding with any animal in attendance (I would like to cross off a whole zoo from the list)
  • Elopement
  • Corpse bride themed wedding
  • Church of the flying spaghetti monster wedding. (Look at this one shared by Rock and Roll Bride!)
  • Wedding with zombies in attendance
  • Harry potter themed wedding
  • Fancy dress wedding (will be doing this next March!)
  • Wedding of an couple aged 70+
  • A first look. (American’s love these and it’s a photographers dream!)
  • Wedding where bride wears a dress like this:
  • A wedding featuring something like this:
  • Photograph a wedding on my iPhone

Weddings at...

Here are some locations I would love to shoot at. Some as I have visited, and fallen in love with. Some I am just dreaming about!
  • I would loooove to photograph a destination wedding anywhere!
  • Wedding in Disneyland/world
  • Wedding at The Asylum, Peckham: already love you if you can see the beauty in this place:
  • Wedding at Aynhoe Park. The perfect mix of stately home gorgeousness and the downright bizarre:
  • Wedding at Mount Stuart, Roythsea, Scotland. This place is the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen:
  • Wedding on a beach
  • Wedding at the Tiled Hall Leeds Gallery. I've always loved this place since I first saw it. Many happy hours spent in Leeds Gallery:
  • Vegas wedding... duh!

Non wedding related photography:
  • Photograph a birth
  • Photograph 'a day in the life’ shoot
  • Couple shoot at Chatsworth
  • Shoot on the streets of Paris at sunset

Next year I would also love to donate my services to a couple in need, such as something like this:
If anyone hears of anything like this please do let me know.

I love anything a bit unusual… I will add to this list as I find things that spark my imagination.

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