Monday, 17 March 2014

Competition winners Dan and Tracy's couples photography session in Hyde Park, London

I launched a competition for Valentine's day this year for one lucky couple to win a couples photography session with me for free. The winners were Dan and Tracy. These guys are a lovely London couple who are the first success story I have met! We did their photography session in Hyde Park, London. It was one of the first sunny days of the year and we were so lucky to have this beautiful light to shoot with.

Couple in the sun on London street

This is session is something a bit different from me, as it is less photojournalistic in style, but I'm enjoying adding some different approaches to the mix to give my clients some more variety.

It was such a pleasure to meet these two, and they were so fun to work with. Looking forward to seeing them again next year when I photograph Dan's sisters wedding.

couple silhouetted on London Street

Couple holding hands and smiling

Couple walking down London Street

Couple looking at each other

Couple on bench in Hyde Park

Couple near fence in black and white

Couple laughing together

Couple smiling at each other with trees in the background

Couple standing next to tree

Couple looking at each other under a tree

couple portraits in Hyde Park

girl looking at boy

Couple standing near the serpentine lake

couple holding each others faces

Couple in love

couple with tree in background and flare

Couple laughing

couple kissing

girl goofing around with boyfriend

girl looking at boyfriend

boyfriend smiling at girlfriend

couple holding hands

boyfriend and girlfriend laughing black and white

couple sitting in park with heads together

couple sitting in park looking at each other

couple walking through park hand in hand

couple sitting near fountain kissing

couple sitting near fountain looking at each other

couple looking at each other

girl touching boys chin

couple arm in arm in black and white

couple hugging

girl smiling in boyfriends arms

couple in hyde park with buildings in the background

kissing and walking

couple waling away from the sun

man and woman laughing together
I offer couples sessions at just £100 for anyone in love so please feel free to get in touch with to book your own.

Thanks for joining me Dan and Tracy, wishing you lots of happiness together :-)

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