Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Fun and Natural Oxford Engagement Photography Session with Simon and Judit.

Simon and Judit had their first date in La Tasca, at Oxford Castle so it was very fitting to choose this location to have their engagement photos too. This was a fun shoot around the old castle grounds and surrounding area.

It was lovely to see these guys, and hear some of their plans for their wedding at Middle Aston House in May. There's some great details I can't wait to photograph but I won't reveal just yet. :-)

Couples looking at each other with green around for engagement photo shoot

couple smiling at each other

Girl hugging guy

man and woman sitting on step and looking out

man and woman cuddling on step

woman laughing with man

man and woman sat on steps looking outward

couple kiss on forehead

girl smiling at boy

kissing smiling and holding hands

couple smiling and laughing

engaged couple looking at each other

engaged couple laughing at each other

couple in love kiss by wall for photo session

hand on chest and looking into each others eyes

man touches womans face

couple walking in oxford castle

engaged couple laughing with ivy in the background

engaged couple kiss

couple look at each other for pre wedding photographs

fun and goofy pre wedding photographs

couple laughing and smiling together for pre wedding photos

couple stood by steps in black and white photography

woman and her engagement ring

couple hug and laugh on bridge for pre wedding photos

couple look out to the water

couple standing by a fence smiling

couple holding hands

titanic moment on an engagement session in oxford

engaged couple stood on a bridge in oxford

couple walking hand and hand in oxford

couple kiss by a river in oxford for engagement photos before wedding

couple kiss and hug by river

lovely kiss by a river

engaged couple kiss for pre wedding photos in oxford

girl smiling with boyfriend

couple laughing

woman shocked man laughing funny photo

profile of couple on oxford streets

couple hugging on cobbled street
man pulling silly faces for lady
romantic photos on a cobbled streetengaged couple on cobbled streets pose for pre wedding photos
couple dance on cobbled street

couple walking together down cobbled street in oxford

couple walking arm in arm together down cobbled street in oxford

romantic photo of couple kissing under a streetlamp on cobbled street
couple smiling at camera for engagement photo

Thanks for letting me photograph you Simon and Judit even though I know you were nervous :-) Hope you enjoy the photos and see you soon for the wedding!

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