Tuesday, 8 April 2014

In the Wedding World Number 1 (Archive): Save the Date Video, Body Issues, Beautiful Hangers, You're Not Invited and First Kisses.

(12th March 2014)

This is my first blog post to share with you some wedding related finds on the web this week. I will be making it a regular feature from now on. Exciting times!
Because they're happy
If you're anything like me you've been singing "because I'm happeeee" on repeat a little too much recently. These guys have obviously been doing the same thing as they did the most adorable save the date video to the song. Their smiles are a bit infectious so I had to share. I'd love to get into making videos some day...

By the way... why is a room without a roof so happy?
Bridal body issues
This feel good post from Rock and Roll Bride is a must read: "Surviving your wedding when you don't feel beautiful." I know this would be something I would need to read if I was getting married. We all get so hung up about our body issues, we forget the most important things in life. Personally I have to say as a wedding photographer I find the most beautiful thing about every couple I have met so far is their joy and laughter on the day, and the love I can see between them. That overpowers everything else.
You're not invited
You and your other half have spent too many hours worrying about the guest list, so what do you do when someone asks if they are invited when they're not? It's hard to not hurt feelings. Offbeat bride has a great post giving some advice on this issue with "10 Blunt but loving ways to tell people they're not invited to your wedding"
A hanger worthy of your dress
Feast your eyes on these beauties from BHLDN! I'm so happy to come across this brand.
This whole store is filled with wedding beauties, just check out those dresses! But I wanted to share these hangers as they are the first I have seen to be truly worthy of hanging your wedding outfits. They would make a excellent alternative to boring plastic hangers. Think about the photos! :-) You can purchase the hangers here. While you're at it, check out some of the other offerings from BHLDN, there is some truly dreamy stuff on there!
I've also created some boards especially to help inspire my couples over on my Pinterest so feel free to follow me: http://www.pinterest.com/beckitovey/ Please be warned I pin everything I love here, which includes weird concept photography, nakedness and my fascination with moment mori and Weegee. -Just before anyone gets mad at me.
First kisses
Lastly, have you seen this heartwarming video? It's 20 strangers making out with eachother... and yes, I did call it heartwarming!

What was your first kiss like?

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