Tuesday, 8 April 2014

In the Wedding World Number 4 (Archive): Bingo, Spring Flowers Inspiration, Funky Festival Wristbands and what happens when Love Arrives.

(2nd April 2014)

This is a slightly later than normal round up of the week, but wednesday is good alliteration with the title so that's okay. So here are some finds on the web this week:
Say what? Minglo is a creation from Offbeat Home which is basically mingling plus_bingo_. It's an awesome game to help get people talking at weddings (or any event for that matter) in an entertaining and personalised way. You can read more about it on the Offbeat Home blogwhere you can even download a template to make your own.
Spring flowers
As it is now officially spring and we can enjoy all the beautiful blossoms around us it's a good time to check out some sweet flower inspiration over at Loverly article: "The best spring flowers for your wedding." Here is some beautiful flower inspiration, and a bit of advice on varieties.
Funky Festival Wristbands
If your wedding is festival themed you will love these custom woven wristbands that were featured on Festival Bride, with some awesome photos to go along with them. If you and your friends love to wear your wristbands like a badge of honour (I know I used to wear mine until it was stinky) then these could make a fantastic keepsake from your wedding. You can purchase your own from id&c.
When Love Arrives
I wanted to finish with this wonderful, funny and moving video I came across. It perfectly describes love - as love isn't always perfect...

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