Wednesday, 9 April 2014

In the Wedding World Number 5: No Bull Advice, Affordable Dress Inspiration, DIY Balloons and Party Ideas

Here is a round up of some awesome finds in the wedding world this week:

Words to bring you back to earth.

Wedding planning can be a minefield! Here are '14 pieces of no bull advice for wedding planning' from This article even made my boyfriend laugh so is worth a read just for comedy factor - as well as it's really useful advice.

Lovely Lining

I love this photo from Bridal Guide of a dress with patterned pink lining. What a fun idea for adding some colour, maybe even as your something blue? Extra kudos go to this one for the added pom poms! :D

Affordable Wedding Dresses
There are plenty of beautiful wedding dresses to be found with a smaller price tag, as you may have seen with the new H&M dress. Here is a round up of some more from The Guardian with their article on 'Ten affordable wedding dresses.' none cost more than £650. I adore number 3, it's just gorgeous! 

A really simple DIY with Balloons

These glamorous balloons are the easiest DIY project ever - I've done it myself for my boyfriends birthday surprise (which went terribly wrong for non balloon related reasons). All you need to do is draw on the blown up balloons with a golden sharpie. Simple as that! A great effect.

Fun Party Ideas

The title of this article suggests 'Unique Engagement Party Ideas', but these would also make fab ideas for your wedding party itself. Fun!