Tuesday, 29 April 2014

In the Wedding World Number 7: Weddings for introverts, confetti alternatives, GIRAFFE SHOES and discussing wether or not to have kids at the wedding.

This week marks the anniversary of Kate and Wills wedding, which is bringing back lots of happy memories of street parties for me. I'll be kicking off wedding season this weekend with a weekend long wedding. Here are some fab little tips and treats for those in the process of planning. 

Wedding Day for Introverts
This article from Rock and Roll bride on "Wedding Day Survival for Introverts" offers some great pieces of advice for those who don't want the focus on them all the time.

Confetti alternatives
I think confetti is fab: great fun and makes for awesome photos. Having said that, seeing this post on "10 confetti alternatives" has opened my eyes to the other creative alternatives. These are particularly useful if your venue doesn't allow confetti, or you just don't fancy getting bits in your hair. I would love to photograph any one of these! 

Kids at the wedding?
Kids or no kids at a the wedding? Chatting to some of my couples this is an important issue to some. Kids are wonderful as they have no inhibitions, and can open your eyes to so much however, they do have a tendency to make noise when they really shouldn't. Here are two different blogs depending on what slant you are going for: brides magazine talk about how to make your wedding a child free zone. While the knot discusses inviting kids to the wedding and ways to include your kids in your wedding. So what do you think about having kids at your wedding?

These shoes!
What more do I need to say? As the big kid I am, these most fun giraffe shoes from cwonder.com aren't technically wedding related but I would absolutely squeal with delight if I saw someone wear them on any occasion!! Zebra and Flamingo also available.

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