Wednesday, 28 May 2014

In the Wedding World Number 11: Table Names, Bridal Trousers, Avoid Beauty Blunders and First Dance Alternatives

Trendy Table Names
Your table settings at the wedding reception are a great place to add a little extra personalisation and creativity to your wedding day. In the decoration above, Cleo and Kevin used numbers for their tables which were meaningful to them as a couple such as the number of years they had been together, their first house and the birthday of their little boy. Here is a nice little list from Weddings Online of "Inspiring Wedding Table Name Ideas" to give you some ideas for your own table names and decorations.

Wearing the Trousers
What do you girls think of these wearing trousers on your wedding day? There's some pretty inspiration on this article on "Rocking a Pair of Bridal Trousers" from One Fab Day.

Beauty Blunders
Here is a great round up of tips to help you "Avoid Wedding Beauty Disasters"

First Dance Alternatives
Not everyone will be as happy about dancing as Judit here. For those of you who don't fancy all your guests staring at you through your first dance, how about an alternative? In this article from Offbeat Bride, there are "7 First Dance Alternatives for Dance Shy Couples" to take your pick of. And they're all great fun!

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