Tuesday, 24 June 2014

In the Wedding World 14: A Honeymoon Special packed with honeymoon inspiration and tips with bonus summer heat busters!

'Tis the season for holidays which sounds christmassy but I mean the other type. I've come across the most amazing honeymoon inspiration recently so here is a bumper post dedicated to that once in a lifetime holiday! But first of all...

Should we Honeymoon?
It's not written in scripture that thou must honeymoon and when you are spending so much money on one day, it may seem crazy to then spend even more... is a honeymoon necessary? This is a great little blog post from A Practical Wedding thinking about the question "Should we Honeymoon?" Personally I like the conclusion, that even if it's a budget camping holiday or maybe a stay-cation, it's a special time to enjoy newly married bliss together and come back down to earth.

So where do we go?

Be a princess...
On the other end of the scale, if you feel like splashing out here is an amazing technically non wedding related but totally honeymoon appropriate blog post on "13  Disney Princess Castles you can actually stay in." Arn't these just perfect for extending the princess feeling of the wedding day... go on, spoil yourself!

Have a unique adventure...
Alternatively what about these "11 off the beaten track honeymoon destinations?" There's some totally bizarre and wonderful places here, as the giraffe picture demonstrates. I can't deny I want to go to all of them!

Get trip advised...
My boyfriend laughs that I'm one of those people that take joy in writing reviews so it goes without saying that I love trip advisor. They recently launched some round ups of the best hotels in different categories, so you can be sure to trust them! To start here are "10 extraordinary Treetop Hotels" for a back to nature escape. Alternatively for the ultimate in by the pool holidays, here are "8 glamorous pools."

In flight Beauty
If you're flying, or taking a long trip its easy to feel washed out so here are "8 in flight beauty tips" to help keep you beautified and on top of the world during that journey.

"We're on Honeymoon!"
Whatever you decide to do, don't forget to stay safe and most importantly to tell everyone you're on your Honeymoon! Hopefully you will get lots of freebies! I'd love to hear about everyone's honeymoons/honeymoon plans. Please feel free to tell me in the comments below.

Summer Heat Bonus
And here is a little bonus article with "Tips on beating the summer heat" for your weddings. Let me tell you, I really needed this at my weddings this weekend!! Hot hot hot!

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