Tuesday, 17 June 2014

In the Wedding World Number 13: One for the Boys, Pretty Pumps, The Little Wedding Phone Book, Community Bouquets and 8 things you need to do

One For the Boys
With a super busy week I missed out on last weeks blog post. I hope everyone had a nice fathers day with their dads if they were able. Also thinking of those father figures who are no longer with us... On the subject of Fathers Day, these accessories from "Two Guys Bowtie" are a great little detail for the men! I know my dad would be thrilled with these.

Pretty Pumps
How cute are these shoes from Ashbury Skies. They also look super comfy, unlike most wedding shoes I see. I'm one of those people that never wears heels, (seriously, I don't even own any. I'm nearly 6" so I don't want to be any taller) so these really appeal to me. I think they would make such an adorable alternative to heels on the big day itself, or a nice little addition to the honeymoon wardrobe if not!

The Little Wedding Phone Book
The other week I chatted about Bridesguards who are the people that stop others causing you problems on the wedding day. Another handy tip on this vein is to create a "Who to Call Cheat Sheet", as outlined in Offbeat Bride. These could be sent out with your invites and even given to other vendors. Anything to help the day go smoother and stop any potential stresses for the bride is good in my book!

Community Bouquets
This idea is just beautiful and totally new to me - have your guests create your bouquet for you! Often  I feel there is a great community spirit at weddings and this really adds to it, and can also serve as a way for you to greet your guests. I will let you read more for yourself about a bride who did this in this article on "Guest Bouquets."

Enjoy Your Day!
Finally here is a lovely list of "8 things you must do on your wedding day." They aren't extra jobs, I promise... just little thing to remind you to enjoy this wonderful day!

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