Friday, 9 January 2015

2014 in Review - Wedding Photography to Love by Rebecca Tovey

happy bride dances with her arms in the air at her evening reception

Time is such a bizarre thing. It’s very strange to think that we are already more than a week into this orbit of the sun we are call 2015. So much happened in 2014 in my world: Graham got a new job - that we had been aiming for for what seems like forever; one of my greatest friends moved thousands of miles away, and countless other people changed their location too; My grandma turned 80 years old; My sister graduated and entered the world of work while Graham’s sister bought a house; Tour de France came to Yorkshire.... I’ve probably forgotten many more important things but like I said, time is weird!

In my work life, 2014 was when I completed my first full year as a full time, self employed wedding photographer. This was not an easy task, and it drove me a little bit insane at times but it was also profoundly fulfilling and I feel incredibly proud of it. I have learnt so much in one year, and my confidence has grown with that. Looking through my portfolio now, I can proudly say that I am indeed a wedding photographer and this is my work, with a smile on my face. Reaching that stage is quite a milestone but it doesn’t mean I’ve made it. In the creative industries there will always be development. I will never stop learning and improving.

Looking to 2015, Without diving too much into personal details, this year I aim to create a much better work/life balance while continuing to grow creatively. I am so excited for the weddings I will be photographing this year, such as my first destination wedding this summer and I can’t wait to witness all the love and celebration that is to come. As I did last year, I will continue to document my personal life in photography, most probably on my iPhone again. I will be trying to share more of this.

Most of my favourite images of 2014 have been flooding Facebook over the year and you can see an even bigger selection on my website portfolio. Here is a small random selection of some of those images...

Heres to an incredible 2015!

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