Friday, 9 January 2015

A fire in the snow at Christmas: December 2014, iPhone Photography

 It’s a sad but true fact that on the only two times I have had to call 999, it has been Christmas. This Christmas, as we sat down together as a family to watch the Top Gear special (wasn’t that an oddly scary one?), my sister suddenly alerted us all of FIRE in the garden. We all dashed out into the thick snow that had covered our garden to see my dad’s greenhouse, was indeed alight! A bright, burning and flickering glow dashed the white landscape, filling the sky next to it with thick, chocking smoke.

In all honesty, the fire wasn’t that big, and thankfully it wasn’t in the house itself. No one was hurt, which is the only real important thing. Having never seen a fire start where it wasn’t meant to be though, it was quite shocking to experience the destruction and the at which speed it grew. All of your senses can feel the fire, obviously the sight and the feel of the heat but also the sound and the worst thing: the smell and taste of the smoke. I feel so much now for any poor soul who has experienced a fire in their house.

Naturally to me, my instinct is to turn to photography in a disaster. On the night though of course I resisted this, rang the fire brigade (who are the most amazing people) and helped extinguish. First we extinguished by throwing as much nearby snow on it as we could, then we started a conveyor belt of fire fighting where one person filled a bucket with water, the next delivered it up the garden to the steps, then to my dad outside the greenhouse door where he threw the water on the fire and we repeated. Teamwork!

In the morning, when light revealed the damage I took the opportunity to take some photographs. This is mainly of the smoke damage, patterns made by extinguishing through the water and snow and the remaining bits of. The textures were strangely fascinating to me. My dad as long as I have been alive has grown bonsai trees, who were the casualties on this occasion. I wish I had taken photos of them before this but luckily only a small amount were caught up in the flames.

Here are a few of the resulting photographs. The best camera is the camera you have, so these are all iPhone and edited with VSCO cam. 

Anyone who has read this please check your fire alarm and make sure you have a fire extinguisher! They're actually really cheap to buy. I feel like file safety courses should be an essential thing for everyone as well... but I don't make the rules. Stay safe all!

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