Friday, 9 January 2015

Cologne at Christmas - Throwback to December 2014

For a long time now, myself and my boyfriend have said that we would like to visit Cologne, Germany one December for the famous Christmas markets. This year, finally we did it! We wrapped up and hopped on our short RyanAir flight for a bit more than 50p and arrived in… well, not quite the prettiest city that we had ever seen!

Despite the strange concretey look of Cologne, we had a fabulous time together, wandering the many Christmas markets and trying to politely tell the store owners that €139 was a bit out of our price point for a hat. We did buy lots of lovely and unique gifts for our loved ones by the end, and we had a little taste of all the food and drink on the way round which was defiantly worth it! Mmmm mulled wine! We explored the chocolate museum and owned at curling and ice skating. We even got to lock our love in on the love lock bridge. If you are after a little pre-Christmas downtime I would defiantly recommend.

The only camera I took with me on the trip was my iPhone, which often times is all you need for a holiday. Those pro cameras are pretty heavy you know! This was by no means a photo holiday, but here are some of the photos I took during the few days we were there. i.e. not random photos of funny named buildings, selfies with food, or photos of our traveling reindeer!

Cologne, December 2014.

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