Saturday, 31 January 2015

In the Wedding World: a Celebration of Same-Sex Marriage

Real Couples in the ads

As you may have seen already, last month saw Tiffany & co. release a new advert featuring a gay couple. Very refreshing to see! Read more about that here.  Hallmark have also released an sweet video advert which you can see more about over at Gay Star News. I love the fact the models/actresses in both the adds are real couples.


Here are a few inspirational weddings and shoots I've stumbled upon recently:
Fontaine and Nicola's wedding is a gorgeous share from Hello May with a lovely relaxed and homely feel.
Jeannine and Robin's queer wedding as featured on Rock and Roll Bride is a totally rockstar day. Love the colour in this!
And another Rock and Roll Bride share, is this John Waters and Pink Flamingo inspired same sex wedding shoot which should teach us all that there needs to be more flamingos at weddings!

Animals in Love

Anyone who watched Animals in Love (awwwww!!) on the BBC may have seen this, but I had to share because it's adorable! Two male penguins at Kent Zoo ended up adopting a baby penguin... and they are apparently awesome parents! Read the story here.

Show your support

In more practical reading, if you would like to show your support for LGBT couples at any wedding, offbeat bride has shared some fantastic ideas on how to do so in this article: 'Ways to recognise marriage equality at your wedding.' It even includes a 'same sex first dance'. I'm hoping to see more of this over the coming year!

Special Offer
This year I'm hoping to photograph some same-sex weddings or engagements, and will be doing discounts! Please see my ad here for additional details.

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