Friday, 9 January 2015

In the Wedding World: First post of January 2015! Featuring wedding and engagement trends, beautiful illustrations and exciting news.

HAPPY (slightly belated) NEW YEAR to all my followers!

Newly Engaged
Now, I’m not a person of numbers and statistics but the internet tells me that the Holiday Season is the most popular time to get engaged. How romantic! If you have just been proposed to, I would love to hear your story and if you’re not ready to say goodbye to Christmas then here is one of my favourite holiday proposal videos to warm your heart: 

For those of you who are newly engaged, firstly congratulations!! So… now what?

Here are a few links for good reading at the beginning of your engagement:

For anyone who was hoping for a proposal this holiday season, here is a little article for you too:

2015 Wedding Trends
I couldn't write my first post of 2015 without giving you some links to the predicted wedding trends of 2015!
Here are the predictions from Wedding Daily
Here is Bridal Guide's predictions.
Loverly's predictions.

And an insight from Offbeat Bride.

I'm particularly excited to read about kites and circus acts in this list and I can only hope I will be photographing that very soon!

Clara Button and the Wedding Day Surprise
Looking back at my Christmas, I was lucky enough to have a little trip out to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park,  which, by the way is an amazing place for a date! At the moment there is a lovely exhibition of work by Emily Sutton which made the ex-illustrator in me squeal with delight. I’m certain this lady is going to be a household name in the years to come. Her illustrations are just exquisite. 
I want to share with you guys, this beautiful book (above) which I purchased in the YSP shop and I think would make a nice present for a young bridesmaid, aged 4-7 in the run up to a wedding. Clara Button and the Wedding Day Surprise tells the story of a creative little girl, putting together the prettiest outfit to wear at a wedding. Just look at this page!! 

Emily, I salute you!

Rock and Roll Bride, in paper!
Lastly, for those of you that haven’t heard, this year the beautiful blue haired blogger, Kat of alternative blog Rock and Roll Bride has released her very first printed bi-monthly magazine available in store!

I’m an avid follower of Rock and Roll Bride, for inspiration on wedding ideas that only the cleverest brains could come up with and some stunning photography but mostly as this blog is something a little different in the industry… It promotes acceptance of differing life choices, individuality, and self confidence and is generally a breath of fresh air. I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of this magazine and celebrating that something new is gracing our shelfs! You can grab yours in WH Smiths, Morrison or online from Giraffe Media. Subscriptions are also available. I seriously can't wait to pick up my copy!


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