Saturday, 10 January 2015

Second shooting in 2014 - Shameen and James, for Lemonade Pictures.

One of my favourite things about my job is second shooting. To me it is basically getting to do the best part of the job, without the boring bits… plus hanging around with awesome creative people too!

I don’t often show my images taken when second shooting close to the day, as good second shooting etiquette. However, I am lucky enough to have permission to share most of my second shooting jobs, so over the next few months I will be blogging them among “my” weddings too. 

Here is a particularly beautiful wedding I worked on with the incredibly talented Nichola from Lemonade Pictures.

I shot the groom prep at St Ermins Hotel, London before we headed off to The Swan at The Globe Theater, with the most stunning view across the Thames. This is a really beautiful and quite quirky venue by the way!

It’s so refreshing to photograph the groom prep for a difference, it it quite a different atmosphere and approach.

Guys, this 20p is an heirloom 20p!!
The wonderful moment where James was looking out of the window on the way to the ceremony, as the driver reminded him there was still time to escape. It was clear to see he was completely content and 100million% ready to marry!

Oh dear, we do have some competition!

Thank you soon much Nichola for having me there to work with you at this beautiful day, and especially for lending me your 35mm lens to try out and fall in love with… I think every one of these photos was shot with that lens… now if anyone has a spare grand so I can buy my own, that would be great!

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