Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Iceland with the Cookies - February 2015 - Alternative documentary photography - iPhone only

I've been making it a resolution to share plenty of personal work along side all the wedding related posts on the blog this year and this is one such post of my holiday snaps.

I'm lucky enough to have a great relationship with my boyfriends family, so it was amazing to go on my first holiday with them as a family. We wrapped up in as many layers as possible and headed over to Iceland! A place that certainly lives up to its name. Of course, like most traveler to Iceland, we hoped to see the Northern Lights... in the end we only saw them on the back of a camera but even so, it was a holiday full of once in a lifetime experiences. And great company!

Thanks to the Cookies for putting up with me, even though I was sick as a dog for the majority of the trip (as the selfies will show you)

All photos taken on iPhone 5 and edited with VSCO cam in app. Except the 2 Northern Lights photos. It's so refreshing to get back to basics with photography and I hope you love the results as much as I do.

Day 1. Flight from Luton Airport at the crack of dawn.

Soaring through heavenly skies, visiting strange dystopian looking churches, wandering Reykjavik trendy shops, admitting graffiti, and eating delicious food.

This was also our first taster of just how cold this country is!

Day 2. 'The Golden Circle' Tour

Long drives, FREEZING COLD, millions of layers, balaclavas, hand warmers, incredible natural wonders. 4am Northern Light searching.

By the end, in Karl Pilkington style we had renamed it 'The Grey Circle'

above: the lights in the hand burger shop above our heads that were to be the 'Northern Lights' if we saw none.

below: The real Northern Lights, but only picked up by the camera.

Day 3. A day of discovery in the Blue Lagoon area.

Clear skies, crisp morning walks, experiencing real Iceland, slag heaps, vikings.
This day was highlighted by swimming in gorgeous warm natural pools while snow falls around.
Not forgetting seeing Voldemorts Castle!

(Unfortunately I have no photos of most of these parts mentioned as I was stupid enough not to bring any waterproof housing for my cameras. Boo hiss)

Day 4. Already time to go home. :(

Airport bound.
Loads of snow, loads of travel... loads of waiting, some more than others.

Still cold in England. Fancy that!

 And here's a bonus photo that Alan took of me and Graham together outside the Blue Lagoon.

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