Sunday, 1 February 2015

Nicola and Jay - A romantic pastel and gold wedding styled shoot

Ah, Styled shoots! So much fun!

The shoot I'm blogging today is an romantic, pastel and gold dream in Inkwell. It was organised by the lovely Terri from Summer Lily Studio and Lauren from Sung Blue.

The shoot featured work from these talented vendors:

Terri also sourced many parts of the outfits and set up online, including two beautiful dresses. There were two different looks, a sweet and sophisticated look for the morning with a lovely undo for our bride. The afternoon saw a more laid back, boho look complete with a floral crown, a personal favourite.

Nicola and Jay were our real couple and models for the day. They will be getting married in 2016 and that gorgeous fur coat you will see Nicola wearing, was part of her outfit for their first date in Camden. Love it! We're so grateful to these two for braving the cold for us!

And so... 

Look One

Look Two

I challenged myself a little with this shoot, using my "backup and back up to the back up" cameras and leaving my super duper one at home. I'm so pleased that there is no noticeable difference to me in the final images! For the first time I also shot solely with just two prime lenses, which worked out fantastically. With a tendency to overshoot and fill multiple memory cards, for this session I tried to rein myself back with the number of shots taken and managed a record low! This is a huge personal success!

Images are processed with beloved VSCO fim.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this shoot happen! It was great to get together, meet some new people and photograph a beautiful couple. Bring on the next one! x

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