Thursday, 12 March 2015

Fab and Matt // Magical Alternative Woodland Elopement Wedding // Forest of Dean // Wales

When Fab originally contacted me and told me all about her plans for marrying Matt, I knew immediately I had to photograph their wedding! The more we chatted, the more excited I got about the day, and to meet these guys in real life. They certainly didn’t disappoint! I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is my favourite wedding of all time so far!

So here's a bit of back story:
Fab and Matt are both Australian and have been together since 8th grade. When Fab got a place on a English course in Utrecht as part of her degree, Matt decided to come with her and this is where they had been living for about 6 months. Fab and Matt were engaged in Florence, with Matt ticking off all the items on his “perfect timing list” including music, view, private but still public and he even got someone to take video!! The couple announced their engagement on Facebook with an adorable little gif, so we parodied this in the wedding outfits to announce their wedding later. See below. It turned into quite a gif-tactic wedding altogether!

After getting engaged, with Fab going back to university in Australia in March, they decided to plan their wedding before her start date and their parents flew over to join them for a beautiful intimate ceremony before heading out to travel a bit in Europe.

Fab and Matt, along with both their parents and three of their friends hired out a sweet and stylish Forest Retreat Golden Oak Cabin in the Forest of Dean, Wales. They all got ready here together, before heading down into a clearing in the forest for a magical humanist ceremony conducted by Youri, a friend and neighbour they met in the Netherlands. 

After the ceremony and photos, everyone headed back to the cabin to play games and eat lovely food!

I was absolutely in love with all the little details in this wedding, many of which were homemade. Fab’s mum made her bouquet, as well as adding some flowers to her floral crown, including bluebells as celtic tradition says the bride wears bells. Many thanks to the lovely Clare at Pure Pampering for doing the ladies makeup.

This is a wedding, and more specifically, a group of people I will never forget.

Now enough of my babbling… Enjoy!

With most of the families back in Australia, the morning called for some emotional skypeing.

With the couple getting ready in the same house, Fab had to do some hiding as the ceremony drew closer!

Fab had the sweetest little first look with her dad. I love the daddy daughter moments in this wedding.

An angel got her wings ;-)

The ceremony was quite a walk from the cabin, right into the forest!

In the forest clearing, the group had made a ceremony area marked off with branches. It was quite difficult for Matt not to see Fab as she arrived, but he managed it! Fab walked down the 'aisle' with both her parents, which was a real treat!

The couple did both an exchange of rings, and a handfasting in their ceremony.

Following are literally my favourite group shots ever. That's the way to do it!

I did promise to explain a Linnah Sandwich... Well, take a Fab and a Matt. Add a Linnah and what have you got? Linnah Sandwich of course!

I adore everything about Fab's outfit! She really nailed down the something blue with her dress. It was second hand and Matt knew that it had been sent off to be re-beaded... but that was all the information he had. Fab surprised everyone with the colour!

Before Fab and Matt settled down inside they a bit of a skate in their wedding outfits! Love Matt’s pizza skateboard. Seriously, could these guys get any more awesome?

After lots of photo time everyone came back to the cabin to snack and play games. Youri and Mikki got to work in the cabin’s kitchen cooking up some delights! The rest of the group settled in for some snacks and a game of Cranium, which if you haven’t played before I highly recommend! It was great fun to photograph with a mix of charades, pictionary, trivia and more.

Can you guess what they are miming?

Oh my goodness, how delicious does all this food look!

This wedding was an absolute joy from start to finish. Thank you so much Fab and Matt, for having me there to photograph your truly unique day. Can't tell you how much fun it was! And it goes without saying, I hope you guys have the most wonderful lives together, and with a love like that I know you will!

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