Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wedding Photography Testimonial // Happy Dance Time!

Yay for a happy client!

Just got this testimonial in my inbox:
Let me be the first to say OHMYGODYOUAREAPHOTOGRAPHYGODDESS!!!!!! Your photos are absolutely incredible. I love every one of them, you really captured the day so perfectly! I really can't believe how perfect they are. And you yourself were so so wonderful on the day too!!

The Linnah sandwich ones are hilarious! And the gif ones are so cool! You did such a great job making us look nice :) I don't think I've ever seen my dad look that happy or natural in photos and my mums eyes were open!!"
- Fabianne

These words makes me do a happy dance! Something like what Fab and Matt are doing here...

As you can see from the dancing gif, the wedding we're talking about was pretty epic! I shall be blogging it very soon so watch this space... I also promise to explain what a Linnah Sandwich is ;-)

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